Automate user account creation with autopykota Last modified on $Date$ If you want to automate the users account and quota entries creation on first print, you can do this easily with the policy: external( your command here ) directive in pykota.conf. You just have to put your command of choice there. autopykota was designed to automatically set an initial account balance value to newly added users, while taking care of not resetting the balance value if the user already exists but doesn't have a quota entry on the current printer. If you want to limit your users by page quota then you must not use this command. Just use some form of the edpykota command and it will work just fine. On the other hand, if you want to limit your users by their account balance, this command was made to ease your life : you don't have to design a complex shell script to check if user already exists or have a quota entry on the current printer before deciding if you have to set the initial balance value or not : autopykota takes care of all this automagically. Reference autopykota -v--version -h--help -i value --initbalance value