Manage Print Quotas with edpykota Last modified on $Date$ You'll use this tool to create, manage or delete print quota entries for users or users groups on printers or printers groups. By default, before being allowed to print through PyKota, an user must exist in the database and have a print quota entry on every printer he should be allowed to use. As seen in the previous chapter, the simplest way to add an user named jerome to the database is to type : $ pkusers --add jerome But this is not sufficient to allow user jerome to print. You have to create a print quota entry for jerome on all printers he is allowed to print to. The easiest way to do so is to type : $ edpykota --add jerome The commands above have created user jerome in the database, and have automatically created print quota entries with no limit for this user on all existing printers. This means that user jerome is allowed to print without limitation, but that full accounting will still be done for this user : you'll know whenever he prints and how much. Here's an incomplete list of features : Add and delete users and groups print quota entries ; Define, increase or decrease hard and soft page limits for users ou users groups, on a per printer basis ; Reset or modify page counters for users or groups, on a per printer basis ; List print quota entries ; For more details on the use of edpykota, please see this command's manual page or help.