Get print quotes before printing for real with <command>pykotme</command> Last modified on $Date$ PyKota features a print quote generator, named pykotme. This command line tool can be used to learn in advance how much a print job will cost to you if you really send it to a printer. You can then decide if printing your document is a good idea or not, and do it knowingly. To get a print quote, you have to launch pykotme from the command line, passing your print job's content in any format recognized by PyKota PyKota now uses pkpgcounter which recognizes PostScript (both binary and DSC compliant), PCLXL (aka PCL6), PDF, PCL3/4/5, ESC/P2, TIFF, DVI, OpenOffice Writer, and OpenOffice Impress. , either in the form of one or more file names on the command line, or on its standard input (i.e. in a shell pipe or redirection). Without any command line argument, pykotme automatically reads your job's data from its standard input. By default, pykotme will display a quote for your job on all printers. You can restrict this by using the -p | --printer command line option followed with either a printer's name or a wildcard which will be used to search all printers which name matches. You can pass more than one printer name wildcard, separating them with commas. pykotme's functionnality is also available through the use of the pykotme.cgi CGI script. However without authentication pykotme.cgi will only return the print job's size and not its cost, because the cost depends on the value of the user's overcharging factor and the printer being used. That's why if you want to obtain the same functionnality with the CGI script than with the command line tool, you must configure your web server to force users to authenticate whevenver they access to pykotme.cgi. Then they will be able to choose one or more printers (all by default), and also to enter their username, and the exact cost of the print job will be computed. Examples Here are some examples of pykotme usage. The simplest form : port50-2:~$ pykotme Your account balance : 16.25 Job size : 22 pages Cost on printer apple : 1.35 port50-2:~$ More complex, with printer name wildcard and within a pipe : port50-2:~$ a2ps -o - pykota/README | pykotme --printer "a*" [pykota/README (plain): 6 pages on 3 sheets] [Total: 6 pages on 3 sheets] sent to the standard output Your account balance : 16.25 Job size : 3 pages Cost on printer apple : 0.40 port50-2:~$ Reference pykotme -v--version -h--help -P printername --printer printername filename1 filename2 ... filenameN