Manage Users and Groups with pkusers Last modified on $Date$ You'll use this tool to create, manage or delete users or users groups from the database. Before you can assign print quotas to an user or group with the edpykota you MUST add this user or group to the database using pkusers. The simplest way to add an user named jerome to the database is to type : $ pkusers --add jerome The commands above have created user jerome in the database. By default this user will be limited by page quotas, that is a maximal number of pages can be assigned to this user on any printer. This has to be done through the edpykota command line tool. You can apply different sorts of limitations to an user or users group, by specifying a different value for the --limitby command line option to pkusers : --limitby quota : Page quotas are defined for each user on each printer. This means that an user can be limited to print more than 20 pages on printer HP2100 while still being allowed to print 500 pages on printer TekTro. This is the default. --limitby balance : Account balance quotas are defined once for each user. You give a number of credits to an user, and whenever he prints on any printer, his number of credits diminishes by the cost of the current print job, until his balance reaches 0 (or the value defined in the balancezero configuration directive in ~pykota/pykota.conf). In other terms, while page quotas are specific to a particular printer for a particular user, account balance quotas are shared between all printers for a particular user. --limitby noquota : the user or group can print without any limitation, but accounting continues to be done. --limitby nochange : the user can print without any limitation, but accounting is not done. This value is not supported for users groups. --limitby noprint : the user can not print. This value is not supported for users groups. Here's an incomplete list of features : Add and delete users and groups ; Add or remove users from users groups ; Choose the way you will limit printing for users or groups ; Set users' account balances. An optional comment can be added to each payment ; Set users' overcharging (or undercharging) factor ; Sets a textual description for users or groups ; Sets users' email addresses (on creation only) ; Lists users or groups ; For more details on the use of pkusers, please see this command's manual page or help.